i will get a professional to put this on me with professional lettering

not at home so please accept this phone photo of tonight’s sketch.

my pink marker ran out and also i drew this weird

i made this out of camera tape and will be turning it into t-shirts

stay tuned

i drew this on my sides and coloured it with whatever was available on the camera truck.

inspired by both my recent struggles with mental health and the song “blood in the gutters”

hey, i’m not dead.

here’s a screen print design i am making today. this is my first time so we’ll see how it turns out.

pretty much the greatest thing i have ever done.

leaving this uncoloured for now because i want to make a screen from it, although it will need to be cleaned up obviously.

scanned with scanner pro on my phone. OHHH YEAHHH

i kind of fell off the (drawing) wagon the last few days. it was a tough weekend!